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Hello world! My name is Annmarie, and I am coming at you with smiles, positive vibes, and earbuds blasting EDM! I am known to be passionate, creative, and a little bit cheesy.

I’m a lover of art in many shapes and styles, and love that the word ART expresses so many different forms. Cooking, Music, Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, Photography, Writing, Singing…and, well there’s just too many to list!

I’ve been lucky enough to have been born and raised in a big city, and had the opportunity to live in a small town with a warm feel. This helps in having the ability to see beauty in the incredibly diverse world around us. Even when something doesn’t seem beautiful to one person, it may be something so amazing and awe inspiring to others.


I am usually armed with my Nikon, ready for anything that may catch my eye. My other companion is my MacBook Pro, which is almost always with me. With these tools, I have been blessed to work on projects both big and small with companies in all fields, including a well-known Art Gallery that specializes in projects in the Hospitality, Health Care, and Interior Design world.


Other than that, I am a proud wife to a successful man who is also immersed in the design industry, and encourages me to follow my passions. We have two VERY creative, intelligent littles, who help me see the beauty in even the simplest things.

Check out my work, and let’s chat sometime!

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