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The Creative Journey

Hello out there! This is officially my first blog. I've toyed with the idea of placing a blog on my site, and thought, hey, why not. My first blog would have to be on, my creative journey The great thing about being a creative is being able to help people tell their story either by photo, graphic, video or a combination. For as long as I can remember I've been a creative. Growing up my parents shared their love of art, craft and creation. I would consider both of my parents artist. They definitely saw the world in a different way than others. My mother had such talent in painting, drawing, sewing, dancing, cooking and so much more. My father was very good with his hands from sketching, sculpting and just plain thinking outside of the box to come up with innovative solutions to fixing something someone else might have just tossed.

I guess that's where I come in. I've always had a knack for trying to emulate what I saw my parents do. From painting, sketching, makeup, cooking, photography and design; I've always tried to create something that people would enjoy and love. In middle school I was had dreams of moving to New York City and becoming a designer with a magazine or fashion line, however life chose a different path for me, which brings me to where I am. Walcott Creative was born from both my vision and my husband's vision of creating, owning and operating a company that served people's need to visually communicate to their clientele or to capture a precious memory!

Everyday contains an educational experience or some sort of adventure. I'm excited for what tomorrow will bring.


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